YouR MoneY given to TerroristS?

Of the People, By the People, For the Terrorists

raises what would seem like a common sense issue…..

“Common sense dictates that it is unwise to fund those who want to do you harm. It makes no sense to buy bullets for a gun that will be shot at you. In fact, it wouldn’t be out of line to say that funding those who have declared you are the enemy, for any reason, is a pretty stupid move. In light of this bit of logic, why is the United States, or any other free nation for that matter, still mulling the possibility of funding a Hamas-led Palestinian government?”

“Recently, the US State Department, in response to declarations by senior Hamas leaders refusing to acknowledge the right of Israel to exist, and the refusal of those now elected to power by the Palestinian people to renounce violence and terrorism, asked – asked – the Palestinian Authority to return $50 million US dollars so taxpayers were not funding a Hamas lead Palestinian government.”

“There is an important point that needs to be highlighted. “Aid” that is issued in the name of the US government to any country or organization for any reason is literally derived of taxpayer dollars. Whether it is $350 million for tsunami relief, an initial $50 million for Pakistani earthquake aid or $87 billion for the liberation, stabilization and reconstruction of Iraq, it is all derived from taxpayer dollars.”

So, when the US government sends $50 million to coax Hamas terrorists into not murdering their Israeli neighbors; to reward them for restraining from strapping on suicide vests made of nails and C4 in a quest to acquaint themselves with those 72 virgins, the bribe is bankrolled by American taxpayer dollars.

The government however will“continue to work to meet the humanitarian needs of ordinary Palestinians using non-governmental entities.” other words, they are still supporting with American taxpayer dollars, mind you- the very ” people who are directly responsible for voting a terrorist organization into power, and are knowingly complicit with the actions of a terrorist organization.”

Are we not aware that The US State Department officially recognizes Hamas as a terrorist organization.!

It is high time the U.S. stops apologizing for what is perceived by the self-haters as “isolationism”…
It is high time the U.S. stops giving in to irrational hysteria rather than relying on informed reason.

Funding supporters of terrorism is ..ahem..funding terrorism.

5 Responses to “YouR MoneY given to TerroristS?”

  1. kevin says:

    All too true Angel

  2. Karl m says:

    just got back from pickin up my food $tamp$… unemployment…$si..lunch program..section 8..disability..and do not forget my Reparations what were you saying about taxpayer dollars!!?Indian Reservation casino”s perhaps..
    the US of A(lotment$) needs to keep there hand on the oil faucet, and to do that a little deal with the “devil” must be made…
    see you, got to go bill a few things to my medicaid card..

  3. Always On Watch says:

    The government has no money except what it picks from the taxpayers’ pockets.

    Any kind of funding of Hamas–even so-called “charities”–is beyond stupid. Such funding promotes the genocide of Jews. Also, this kind of shelling out ultimately will come back to bite the United States (aka “The Great Satan”).

  4. Lady Jane says:

    I seriously think we ought to stop giving aid money to countries that do us harm or harbor those who do. Perhaps they would realize how much we do for them and change their ways.

  5. Webloggin says:

    Like I Didn’t See This Coming – Just Another Cause for Concern…

    My Christmas wish for this year is that America wakes up and cuts their water off. I am not going to be a willing participant to the lack of commonsense that keeps the terrorists afloat and I urge my fellow countrymen to do the same.