HollyweirD Undermining National SecuritY

Hollywood Sells Out to Radical Islamic Interests

“WASHINGTON, DC — Accuracy in Media (AIM) today urged a congressional inquiry into how Hollywood has come under the influence of radical Islam.

“This issue strikes us as being just as important as an Arab-based firm managing some terminals at U.S. seaports.” declared AIM editor Cliff Kincaid. “Hollywood’s deleterious influence on our nation — and the world — can certainly be construed as a national security issue.”

“..Hollywood is whitewashing the threat posed by Islamic terrorists. “Munich” depicts murderous Palestinian terrorists as ordinary and thoughtful human beings,(thoughtful, yes, that’s the word that leaps to mind isn’t it?).. while “Syriana” suggests U.S. foreign policy is responsible for provoking terrorist violence.(of course..isn’t it always?..) Another film, “Paradise Now,” which is also up for an Academy Award, glorifies would-be suicide bombers.

“But Hollywood and our major media have been under radical Arab influence for quite some time… “The Sum of All Fears,” which was the movie version of the Tom Clancy book, replaced the Arab terrorist villains with neo-Nazis so as not to offend the Council on American Islamic Relations. The Fox network responded to complaints about its popular series “24″ depicting Muzlims in America secretly plotting terrorism by running public service announcements portraying American Muzlims as moderate and peaceful.

Public service announcements portraying American Muzlims as moderate and peaceful???
Because for once, they depicted Muzlims plotting terrorism , they have to make disclaimers?!

Hollywood is nothing but a propaganda machine churning out battle cries daily that do not match reality. They merely reinforce and impose their biases – masquerading as entertainment.

Time to set the record straight. Save your money. Don’t bother buying that movie ticket..unless your brain needs a good washing.

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We all know how much Hollywood stars and little starlets loves animal rights..Go see TMH’s article on Animal Rights..It’s an eye opener.

7 Responses to “HollyweirD Undermining National SecuritY”

  1. David says:

    Yeh, what you said.

    Heck, lacking the chops to tell an interesting story well, Hollyweird is “beat ‘em with a stick” didactic with its over-the-top anti-Americanism.


    At least Jackie Chan movies are still fun, even if some of the recent Hollyweird influence has made them a lil less so.

  2. WomanHonorThyself says:

    and theres always I Love Lucy re-runs eh David?..grinz

  3. Karl m says:

    let’s see now…one billion mooossslimmsss tickets buyers equals= a load of greenbacks.. dollars.. shekels.. rubels..etc…bushels full of mmmmuuuusssllliimmm moviehouse burners equals= basket full of hollywood sissies..get the cartoon yet???
    i think its time again for a bigtime dose of Dirty Harry..Rambo..Chuck Norris and all the other past American Hollywood role models…I believe the shark of “Jaws” has swallowed all their nerve…

  4. Anna says:

    I think the last movie I paid to see in the theater was “LOTR: Return of the King”. Just can’t bring myself to pay the price of tickets these days for the propaganda coming out Holly wood.

  5. Lady Jane says:

    Hollywood is generally disgusting and mostly anti-American. Can you imagine them making movies glorifying the Nazis during WWII? No, we still don’t see those (as far as I know). The terrorists are just as bad.

  6. C R Mountjoy - GDF says:

    I thought all the holl-lefties were supposed to be in Canada after the 2004 election. Why are they still here? Get out!

  7. root info says:

    root info…