Israel “Settlement Freeze”?


At the risk of stating the bleeding obvious………..
Jews are the native people of the land of Israel.
Jerusalem has been the Jewish capitol for over 3,000 years.

For those that don’t get it:

Yo.Buy a map. map-ca

Judea and Samaria are part of Israel.

It’s only been that way for oh..let’s see… least 5,000 years. There aint no such thing as “East” Jerusalem.

Is there an East D.C.?
Jews just happen to be the indigenous people of Israel.
They do not need “permission” from Arab interlopers (or Hussein the Horrible Obama) to build homes.


“Settlement” is a term used by the hater Islamist propaganda merchants.
Shame on anyone who calls an Israeli in his own country a “settler.”


Despite the fact that 1.2 million Arabs are citizens of Israel..(don’t ask me why)….Israeli hospitals hospital treat both Jews and Arabs. (don’t ask me why…)

Saudi Arabia has errr….. 0.00 Jews or non muslim citizens. (by law)
Jordan has 0.00% Jewish citizens. (by law)

But… Muslims are real good at distracting their own populations, terrorists- by pointing out …… “problem” of Israel’s very existence.

Whatever happened to the confuscated Jewish land and property from all the Arab countries over the last 1,500 years huh?

The Jews in Israel have been trying to “strike a deal” with the surrounding Muslim Arabs for 4 decades.

Not to mention that Arafat (maggots be upon him) could have had the whole thing back at Oslo but declined to do so. Surprise


Jews who had lived in Hebron for 3,500 continuous years were slaughtered by you guessed it: Arabs.



Yet Israel agreed to the Peel commission partition in 1936.
They agreed to the the UN partition in 1948.

Israel agreed, among other things, to the return of the Sinai to Egypt, the West bank (Judea) to Jordan, and recently…Gaza to the Hama savages.(don’t ask me why)bang-head

They offered 98% of Judea and Samaria to the twisted, criminal Arabs who all of a sudden…since 1967 call themselves by a brand new name: “Palestinians.”


Israel agreed with UN resolution 242.

Israel agreed to every stinkin thing demanded of them by President Jew hating Clinton.


Let’s see now.

Can anyone name one compromise or concession Muslims have ever agreed to?

I’ll wait.

For over 50 years, so called “Palestinians” meant NOTHING to Jordan, Turkey, Egypt or any other Arabs for that matter. They were worthless nobodies as far as they were concerned.
BUT…. as soon as Israel took BACK her land, …. all of a sudden the whole Arab world started “caring”. Uh huh.


Ever since Nazism joined forces with Islam… IslamoNazis decided that Israel has to go.

And ever since Liberalism joined forces with Islam…Hmm…Let us analyze shall we.

Nazism is a form of statism.
That’s right… Fascism is a form of statism.
Liberalism ala Hussein the Horrible (Obama) is a form of statism.

Common thread?

Will anyone EVER suggest that Muslims recognize the State of Israel as the legitimate permanent home of the Jewish people?


Will anyone ever insist on the resettling of the so-called “Palestinian” Arab refugees within their own heinous lands.

Ah yes Israel….that small, beseiged country. The Muslims just can’t stomach what she does for her own sake and for the rest of the world.

Israeli Settlements?!
What a manufactured crisis.

Why exactly is it okay for a (closet terrorist) Muslim to live anywhere in the free world including Israel, but a Jew may not live in Judea.

I got the solution.
We ought to stop building housing for liberals in the US.hippie-tree-hug

Heck. Way to make a point and solve the problem once n for all eh.


16 Responses to “Israel “Settlement Freeze”?”

  1. William Stout says:

    It is because the people of Israel are a moral, reasonable, and just people that Arabs reside in Israel, are treated in Israeli hospitals, protected by Israeli law enforcement, and they extend this treatment even to those who hate them. That is a far cry from how the Arab world treats Israeli citizens. Between the two, it is easy to see who is just and who is unjust. That is a fact that the world and our President does not seem to be able to grasp. As for your post Angel, I couldn’t agree with you more.

  2. Matt says:

    Good points Angel. There never was a state of Palestine. However, Israel has existed for how many THOUSANDS of years?

  3. C-Christian Soldier says:

    appeasement NEVER works-Pres-Jefferson and Pres Madison knew that —

    Jefferson sent the the ‘new’ Marines—”…to the shores of Tripoli”…Madison sent them – again- to finish the job…
    Kipling on paying ‘tribute’..

    Thank you for the great post-my warrior friend!

  4. Brooke says:

    I hear you, Angel. It’s as if we’ve fallen through a wormhole into a land of total insanity.

  5. z says:

    “Take the guns from Palestinians, there will be peace. Take the guns from Israel, there won’t be an Israel anymore.”
    I remember hearing Biden a few weeks ago say “Palestinians must have a place to live” What, is he more stupid than even we thought? Since when don’t they? geeeeZ

  6. Christopher says:

    It really is a fabricated “crisis” cooked up by anti-Zionist Hussein. Nobody including the Philistines were saying boo about the current building because they knew it was within Israels right and boundry to do so.

  7. sayitlikeitis says:

    SUPER DUPER honest reporting. Can we get this post into the Washington Post or New York Times Rag?

    Is there a way for me to email this post to other interested people to read, learn and further integrity in the world? Thanks and keep up the eternal quest for honesty, accuracy and perhaps one day the liberal brain (is there one) will open a sliver and allow truth to infiltrate.

  8. cube says:

    Appeasement of terrorists is not the answer. It doesn’t matter how much Isreal gives up to them because ultimately what they want is her destruction.

  9. Debbie says:

    “They do not need “permission” from Arab interlopers (or Hussein the Horrible Obama) to build homes. ”


  10. Teresa Rice says:

    Cube’s right. These Arabs want the destruction of Isreal. Israel has every right to build new settlements in its homeland. This anti-Israel crap must stop!

  11. KarL M says:

    Freeze this!!!!
    Crank up the air-conditioning and keep the buildings coming.
    When the rockets in Gaza stop then we will “think” of talking ,till then get out of the way of the bulldozers.

  12. Early Light says:

    Can anyone name one compromise or concession Muslims have ever agreed to?

    As a matter of fact, I can.

    When confronted with mujahideen armies, Jews and Christians who wanted to neither fight nor be slaughtered were compromised with. Mohammed agreed to let them live as dhimmis, and kill them later.

    I think that was very generous of him.

  13. Snarky Basterd says:

    Oh, Angel. The muzzies are just understood. After all, they practice the religion of pieces!

  14. Karen Howes says:

    Israelis are not “settlers”, totally agreed.

  15. Ron Russell says:

    You’ve got it right girl. Israel has a much more historic claim to Jerusalem than does the Palestinians. As far as that goes the Christians have a greater claim than the Palestinians. They are last in line and thats where they should be. Unfortunately, many in the west see Israel as a child of colonialism and for this and other reasons they do not recognize the claims of Israel.

  16. MK says:

    “We ought to stop building housing for liberals in the US.”

    Yeah, that’ll be the day, those spongers stop sponging, never gonna happen. Like their muslims buddies starting to have some respect for anyone else but themselves.