Times Square Bomber a Muslim?


NEW YORK – Authorities have identified the buyer of the SUV used in a failed Times Square terror attack and are seeking him as a potential suspect, two law enforcement officials said Monday.

The buyer is a man of Pakistani descent who recently traveled to Pakistan.

Man tied to Pakistan sought in NYC bomb

A Muslim Pakistani?
Naw. Get out.


Shocker eh?
It doesn’t take a weatherman…….

But shhhhh don’t insult the pious Allah perp.

Shame on all of yaz that jumped to the ole “Muslim connection” conclusion before all the um..’facts’ were in.


But sleep well kiddies ..apparently it was just some junior varsity jihadis using non-explosive fertilizer.


And hey…The deadly car bomb that was thwarted happened to be right outside the Comedy Central offices.
South Park anyone?

‘South Park’ censors mentions of Prophet Muhammed

After the 200th episode of the show aired, showing the prophet Muh-ammed in a bear suit, a New York-based Muslim group, Revo-lutionMus-lim, called the episode “insulting,” and warned Stone and Parker “they will probably end up like Theo Van Gogh,” referring to the Dutch filmmaker who was murdered in 2004 by an extremist.


Oh and not for nothin, but Has Hussein Obama apologized yet or taken any responsibilty whatsoever for the theater districts’ pain and horror?

Or mebbe he’s too busy plannin his next outing to Pakistan or coughin up some more dough for the ahem…”Palestinian Authority”.

What some of y’all may not know is
That is Ladder 4 responding, with Engine 54.

6:28 p.m.: Video surveillance camera records the Nissan Pathfinder driving west on 45th St.

6:34 p.m.: Times Square street vendor notices the suspicious vehicle and flags down Officer Wayne Rhatigan, who is patrolling on horse. Rhatigan calls in a report of a car fire, and flags down additional officers.

6:40 p.m.: Engine 54 and Ladder 4 is the first FDNY unit to respond.

No one on duty at that station came back on Sept 11th.. The entire shift of fifteen men was lost, the worst in my precious city.


And yet again…you can thank a Muslim…Here they are again..in the line of danger and duty.


Watch them In action:

F.D.N.Y.: In the first line of duty :Fighting Jihad. even when the so called President of our very Nation WON’T.


Our beloved FDNY heroes from Engine 54, Ladder 4, and Battalion 9 in Manhattan who made the supreme sacrifice on September 11th, 2001.


FF. Jose Guadalupe
FF. Leonard Ragaglia
FF. Christopher Santora
FF. Paul Gill


CPT. David Wooley
LT. Daniel O’Callaghan
FF. Joseph Angelini, Jr.
FF. Samuel Oitice
FF. Michael Haub
FF. John Tipping II
FF. Michael Lynch
FF. Michael Brennan


BC. Edward Geraghty
BC. Denns Devlin
FF. Alan Feinberg
FF. Carl Asaro
FF. Charles Garbarini

To the men who put it all on the line when the bell rings.

Rest easy in the Good Lord’s Arms.
And may God bless America.


19 Responses to “Times Square Bomber a Muslim?”

  1. slamdunk says:

    I hope the loser is apprehended quickly–before fleeing the country to a safehaven.

  2. The Malcontent says:

    Another attempted terrorist attack foiled by luck and the terrorist’s ineptness. Why are these people not being caught earlier? Oh wait, we wouldn’t want to violate their rights by tapping their phones, or waste money on intelligence or undercover operations when we need it for health care.
    Doesn’t it just seem soooo comforting to know that it WASN’T a Rightwing nut Tea Party member!

  3. Brooke says:

    OMGosh, come to my site and see the video of Mayor Bloomberg saying the terrorist was probably a political dissenter or someone that opposes healthcare!

    It’s unbelievable!

  4. William Stout says:

    It is sad that New York has suffered so much from radical Muslims. Was the attack inept? Yes. Was it well financed? No. What the significance of the attack means is that the terrorists are back on American soil and the risk to our citizens has increased greatly. Funny that you don’t hear about that from the Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano or President Obama, I suppose that they are just too busy divulging our national secrets to our enemies.

  5. Mr. Shife says:

    The whole South Park thing is beyond ridiculous. I think is about time we start threatening them with retaliation. I get so tired of the hypocrisy of these radical religions. I know several firefighters and they are greatest guys, and I am thankful that these brave men and women are out there protecting us each and every day. Thank you so much FDNY. Take care Angel.

  6. Debbie says:

    And yet with all those dead from 9/11, they still volunteer for Fire Department duty, they still go no matter what the call, they still offer their lives to save others.

  7. Tim says:

    No, not another Muslim bomber!!

  8. The Amboy Times says:

    Shocking News: Times Square bomber apparently a Muslim…

    Ah yes, what a suprise this must be to the Bob Beckels of the world. The Democratic strategist who thinks a “right-wing militia” was behind the Times Square car bomb attack. Or JFK airport security for that matter, who cleared……

  9. Snarky Basterd says:

    He’s only the first. Unfortunately there will be others. Already we’ve had 4 terrorism events since Zero took over. He’s asleep at the wheel.

  10. OMMAG says:

    Bloomberg, Holder, Napolitano, Obama ….. better look after yourself Angel.

  11. Maggie M. Thornton says:

    It is ignorant not to first expect a Muslim, and if it turns out not to be, then go for the 40 year old white guy – the one that hates ObamaCare. Really, how foolish is it not to recognize the threat and expect it?

  12. Karen Howes says:

    A Muzzie… you’re KIDDING! Say it isn’t so!

  13. C-Christian Soldier says:

    Duane -alert and brave-The mounted officer on his horse-Migs-alert and brave-our fire fighters – and other police officers-plus the FBI- alert and brave–

    -our “leaders” in this “regime”( and the the NY mayor – bloomberg) NOT alert nor brave….
    Two great posts on this-my fellow “warrior” friend…

  14. Silverfiddle says:

    Worse yet, this POS was a naturalized citizen. Where are the senators and congressmen clamoring to put the State Department on the stand to demand why we are naturalizing terrorists?

  15. KarL M says:

    Go ahead dimwits and lefttarts keep rolling the dice…one of these days (i hope to GOD not) some towelhead, camellovin, Hussein O’bozo fan is going to get it right…and then ,maybe then the Muzlim in the White House will utter the words…”we are under attack by my breathen and i apoligize for that”…and starting tomorrow..like the Israeli do it, any terrorist caught acting against the United States will have their home bulldozed (even if in foreclosure) and their family deported. See how things will change then…i dare you…

  16. Ron Russell says:

    I heard several comments on the infamous MSM today saying they couldn’t understand why a man with two college degrees would do such a thing. It flys in the face of their idea that poverty is behind all these attacks. They simply refuse to face the fact its radical Islam, maybe at this point I should just say Islam!!!!

  17. Matt says:

    Great one Angel. God bless all the first responders! Ron’s comment really struck home for me. Being derived, at least in part, from Marxism, our left will always look at any issue through the prisms of race or economics. When reality intervenes, they are left confused.

  18. proof says:

    He may have been a Muslim, but I heard he was a …Democrat!

  19. lisa says:

    The liberals wanted the Times Square Bomber to be a right wing tea bager..

    Bloomberg looks like a real idiot now. Of course, I think he always looks like idiot.

    Well then I guess the Naturalized citizen from Pakistan was pissed off that Obamacare passed because they are looking for a Muslim guy..Bloomberg is an idiot..I’m pissed off that the bill passed too, doesn’t mean I go off and buy some propane tanks and try to blow up Time Square..really, how did that moron become Mayor.
    Remember this Mr. Mayor, Terrorists can’t throw the politicians out of office.
    Tea Partiers, can.